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Alwan ColorHub 7.5.0 (Release Candidate): New Web Interface!

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Our color management server Alwan ColorHub is now available as a release candidate version.

Give it one last test before it is released, as always your feedback is crucial to us.

As a reminder, please find the list of new features and improvements below:

Alwan ColorHub

• New Web Interface features and design
Preflight mode (needs valid URTS)
Production statistics
Mobile view support

• New Adobe PDF Library v18 (APDFL 18.0.3PlusP1a)
Fixes text and font issues, PDF layout issues and processing errors

• More than 20 bug fixes and improvements

For more detailed information about the Alwan ColorHub 7.5.0 new features, improvements and bug fixes, please read our “What’s New” document available here.

Try Alwan ColorHub 7.5.0 Now!

Please find below login and password for the beta testing area

Login: betatester
Password: newWebInterface

By downloading Alwan ColorHub 7.5.0 Beta, you agree to use this software according to our Beta Test Program Agreement.