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Alwan Products

Digital Color Source (DCS), Inc. Partners with Alwan Color Expertise

Digital Color Source, Inc. has partnered with Alwan Color Expertise as the world’s leading company in the design and creation of automated application tools for color management and standardization of the production workflows in the Graphic Industry. The suite of tools is based upon Alwan CMYK Optimizer and Alwan Print Standardizer. DCS has chosen Alwan products because we are dedicated to remarkable improvements in our services and high rates of customer service. To learn more about these exciting automation tools please read on.

Alwan is a “Best of Class” company that is committed to a philosophy that lead to bottom line gains for our customers; moreover they are an award winning Global leader in color management and workflow automation software.

Alwan CMYK Optimizer: Photo, Prepress, Press, and ECO

CMYK Optimizer® is Alwan’s ink reduction software based upon the long accepted principle of Gray Component Replacement (GCR). The application reduces the amount of process ink on the page replacing it with black while maintaining the color rendering of the printed images. CMYK Optimizer is leading GCR application in the market since its release in 2004. Alwan CMYK Optimizer is the recipient of GATF Internet Award of excellence in 2008 for best product in its category thanks to its unique Dynamic DeviceLinks® technology.

Benefits of CMYK Optimizer

  • Process color (CMY) Ink reduction by as much as 30% resulting in significant savings based upon the cost of process inks and toners.
  • Faster make ready since there are less colors to manage on press.
  • More consistency during the production run
  • Optimizes RGB images for output on CMYK devices and renders images according to color standards such as GRACoL and ISO 12647.
  • Guarantees professional quality four color separations.
  • Problem free printing of images.

CMYK Optimizer ECO: Allows for dynamic black generation (GCR) for ink and toner consumption reduction and color fidelity on the press. Guaranteed return on investment in six months.

CMYK Optimizer Press: Allows prepress concerns or printers to check and correct color and ink weight characteristics of files, before film or plate output.

CMYK Optimizer Prepress: Allows for control and normalization of color characteristics of files before sending to press.

Alwan PRINT Standardizer for Plate Curve Calibration and Image Standardization across Documentation

PRINT Standardizer was designed to address the growing demand for standards compliance, and provides for an affordable standardization solution. Print Standardizer works with analog and digital presses. With dynamic curve adjustments for plates and press calibration the operator can be assured that all images on the sheet will be produced to the desired standard. Having the right plate and image curves Print Standardizer allows for reduced make ready time and reduces paper waste and ink consumption.

Benefits of PRINT Standardizer:

  • Automatic dot gain compensation curves generation for every press and paper combination.
  • Automatic export of dot gain compensation to computer to plate raster image processor (RIP).
  • Offers all standard print targets available.
  • Easy integration with existing production workflows.
  • Control and ISO conformity analysis of all measured sheets on press.

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