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BRIDG’s Books

The first phase of the BRIDG’S program is the popular BRIDG’S Handbook series. Recognizing that color quality is the key to most production issues in the graphic arts industry, the BRIDG’S Handbook series is now up to 8 volumes, and still growing.Handbooks cover timeless topics such as basic color theory, color management, color proofing and halftone screening, as well as hot current graphic arts issues as digital workflow, computer to plate and JDF.Pricing is based on the total of all handbook titles ordered. (Note: Does not include posters)


Handbooks Each Price
1-9 $4.98
10-49 $4.75
50-99 $4.50
100-199 $4.25
200+ $3.95
Posters Each Price
Any Quantity $5.00


Call (480) 545-7677 to order handbooks and posters.