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Training and Curriculum Design

Curriculum Overview

DCS offers tried and true methods of educating adult learners on all aspects of selling and creating color. Created by University Educators, this curriculum addresses the specific skills and knowledge needed to be successful in each participant’s job related color functions.

Learning fundamental aspects of selling and creating accurate color is divided into three progressive courses; Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced. DCS has developed robust training programs with hands on sessions that are intergraded into the courses. Students work on advanced color workstations using current applications and are presented with real world business situations. Class topics include selling color products, using applications, utilities, connectivity issues, measure and manage color in your business and how to predict color accurately.

Selling Color Solutions

Introductory classes focus on education of basic selling techniques, marketing, applications and network connectivity. Lessons involve office based applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Scanning principles and hands on labs are an essential part of this training. Color is evident in these applications but there are strategies for adding, adjusting, using and controlling color that the participant will benefit in learning. Selling Color Solutions is a beginner’s guide to applying color to business documents in order to convey a more effective message using color.

Selling Color Strategies

Focused for sales professionals with familiarity with computers and applications, this class offers an extensive look at color sales strategies, identifying vertical markets and conducting a sales audit. Participants receive an in-depth look at the creation of color graphic documents and files. Additional topics cover color perception, theory, calibration and applying color management processes to designs. Learn methods to control and predict color from image design to production with high quality printing

Advanced Color Management

Classes are designed for experienced sales and design personnel who have a solid working knowledge of connected color. This series of classes offer hands on process of devise calibration, creating ICC certified profiles for digital cameras, scanners, monitors, proofing output devises and printers. Then analyze and manipulate profiles and assess useable characterizes. Learn to implement a color management system (CMS) where ICC profiles are applied to all aspects of production and what is required to have an accurate color managed workflow.

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