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Measure your Baseline and Set the Bar

At Digital Color Source, our customer’s are the print provider and print buyer. The consulting service we provide involves increasing productivity and efficiencies with the manufacturing and business process workflow. DCS consultants offer specific recommendations to their clients on projects from technology integration to company and enterprise wide audits of current technology, quality practices and business processes. The goal of the DCS consultant is to provide a recommendation quickly and efficiently, i.e., work ourselves out of a job quickly and always being aware of the client’s bottom line and the cost benefit ratio.

DCS consultants work with print providers and audit their methods and standards showing them how to create value add making them more competitive than their competition in this highly competitive environment. DCS does this by making recommendations focused on reducing costs and providing suggestions in alignment with state of the art practices.

Some ways that our printing consulting services can assist are:

  • Right sizing the organization to achieve organizational objectives
  • Expanding market share through technology adoption
  • Enhancing efficiencies using technology and human resources
  • A complete review of your entire organization print and distribution costs
  • To plan a “Just in Time” program to improve your print materials and raw costs to better target customers
  • Evaluate business practices for sound procedural methods with controllable budgets and more predictable outcomes
  • Evaluate documentation, warehousing, and production methods to reduce the overall production costs through adoption of industry best practice methods

To become one of the many companies that have improved their market presence please contact DCS for more information at (480) 545-7677 or