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Alwan ColorHub 7.6.0: More Spot Color Accuracy, More Ink Savings, More Speed

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New Web Interface in Alwan ColorHub

Better user experience for more productivity

Alwan ColorHub new Web Interface delivers better insight and feedback on production jobs and now allows users to preflight files and libraries to assess best and most efficient ways to print jobs.

The results are more educated decisions, as well as more predictable color reproductions, including for spot colors.

NEW! Preflight

The new Web Interface now includes a Preflight mode, that was designed to help users make the right decisions, and promote their printing processes’ color reproduction capabilities.

With the dedicated Preflight mode, it is now way easier for users to test files in active queues without messing up with production.

Decisions made in production are then more educated ones, allowing for optimized processes and cost control.

Other than PDF files, now color libraries (.cgats, .cxf, .mif, .acb) are supported and can be loaded in Preflight mode, giving accurate reporting of the spot color reproduction capabilities of the print device.

It is then easier to choose the right print device for a job.

Note The Preflight mode is activated with a valid URTS.


The new Web Interface offers a clearer, more simple user experience for production monitoring.

Users can overview all production queues, job processing, job history and production statistics.

Queue Manager

Files can be easily imported in active production queues thanks to the “Browse or drag & drop” feature.

Job Processing

At any given time, users can monitor which jobs are being processed or that have been stopped.

Job History

All files passes through Alwan ColorHub can be monitored, and smart filtering is available for custom reporting (queue, status, date & time, names).

Production Statistics

Production statistics have been redesigned to be more comprehensive, customizable, and most importantly more informative.

Thanks to better reporting and statistics, the Web Interface simplifies the life of the decision makers that need accurate data to monitor ROI, ink consumption and non-quality sources.

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