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Alwan’s Positive Cash Flow Payment Plan

What is Alwan’s Positive Cash Flow Payment Plan (PCFPP)?PCFPP is a payment plan that allows Alwan customers to pay Alwan software gradually, ensuring that the savings generated by Alwan software exceed the required monthly payments. 

These savings are achieved thanks to Alwan software benefits among which, productivity, ink savings, shorter make-readies, or simply elimination of color mismatch problems and related costs.

On which Alwan software does PCFPP apply?

PCFPP applies on all Alwan software provided order value exceeds 6,000€/$7,800

What does PCFPP cover?

PCFPP covers Alwan application software: Alwan Print Standardizer and/or Alwan CMYK Optimizer as well as Alwan software URTS contract (Upgrade and Remote Technical Support) for the PCFPP period.

Alwan’s Positive Cash Flow Payment Plan (PCFPP) works as follows:

• D Day

Customer purchases Alwan software under PCFPP agreement terms as detailed below:

1. Alwan partner* and customer sign a license and payment plan agreement

2. Alwan partner* sends order to Alwan along with signed PCFPP agreement with customer (2)

3. Alwan sends invoice for the full PCFPP amount along 1 month demo code to partner* and/or customer as advised. Customer can use Alwan software for production purposes

* Alwan reserves the right to accept or decline, with or without explanation, a PCFPP request from partner.

• D Day +1 month …

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