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Let’s talk about variables in pdfToolbox!

In our next Café, we will have a look at what variables are and what you can do with them. We will start in pdfToolbox itself, but then mainly focus on how you can use those variables in a Switch workflow to build more intelligent workflows.

Bring your own questions (and drinks), and let’s tackle them right away! ⚽

Four Pees Café #6

Can you make it in time?

🇺🇸 Los Angeles, United States: 07:00 AM
🇺🇸 New York, United States: 10:00 AM
🇬🇧 London, United Kingdom: 03:00 PM
🇧🇪 Brussels, Belgium: 04:00 PM
🇷🇺 Moscow, Russia: 05:00 PM
🇮🇩 Jakarta, Indonesia: 09:00 PM

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Here’s to your health!
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