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Four Pees Café – Prepress, there’s an app for that!

Let’s be honest, preflighting documents and getting approval from clients can be a tedious and repetitive process. But what if there’s an app for that?

Enter 3CPDF!

It could hardly be more efficient: select PDF files to be checked or drag and drop them into 3CPDF, then just click on “Check” or “Check and correct”. Within seconds, 3CPDF creates a meaningful, easy-to-understand, and explanatory error and correction reports. These and the corrected PDF files can be downloaded with a single click or sent by e-mail to approve and send for printing.

In this Four Pees Café, we have Dirk Simanek as a guest speaker who will walk us through the app and technology behind it!

Date: Thursday November 4

Time: 16h00 CEST

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