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Four Pees launches Customer Success Program

Four Pees launches Customer Success Program

Ghent 15 March 2022 – Four Pees launched its Customer Success Program, geared at companies looking for continuous improvement in their pre-print process. It provides ongoing expert support and consultancy for customers that want to get the best out of their print production in terms of efficiency and productivity. The Customer Success Program bridges the gap between the default support and maintenance program vendors provide and the more advanced guidance that many customers seek to use the software they purchased to the fullest. The multi-tiered program can be adapted to the specific needs of each customer.

Call in the experts ─

Finding qualified resources to run print production is generally a challenge these days. People with expert knowledge that are capable of getting a birds eye view on production and spotting practical opportunities where to become more efficient, are even more rare. With the Four Pees Customer Success program customers get access to a team of PDF, color and automation experts they can forward any challenge to, while their own resources can stay focused on production. The program is not limited to products Four Pees distributes nor to companies who originally purchased their product through Four Pees. It includes any product or technology the Four Pees team has experience with for any customer looking for support and advice.

Broader than support or SMA’s ─

The Four Pees Customer Success Program does not replace Support and Maintenance Agreements that printers may have on their software products. A vendor’s Support & Maintenance Agreement aims to provide updates and upgrades and handle unexpected product behavior with the software. The Customer Success Program does allow you to get assistance on training and implementation. It is not vendor-specific and provides value beyond using a product with additional scripting and integration services to the end-user.

Christian Blaise, Director of Professional Services and Support at Four Pees: “We often see customers that have the right tools, but don’t use them or at least not to their full potential. The goal of our Customer Success Program is to make them successful in their print processes. That means going further than troubleshooting software and does not stop at a one-time intervention.”

From Standard to Enterprise ─

The Four Pees Customer Success Program comes in different versions ranging from Standard, Pro, Premium, to Enterprise. Based on the program they choose, clients will receive a dedicated number of hours per month to contact the Four Pees consultants for issues that fall outside of a standard SMA scope. Tasks can include essential tasks such as training on products or graphic arts best practices, creating workflows, writing scripts, and everything else needed to ensure maximum efficiency. The different versions also come with varying ranges in response time and follow-up.


Tom Peire, CEO at Four Pees: “With this program we try to raise the bar for pre-print automation. The good thing is that it is also available through our reseller network. That way, the clients can also benefit from our resources, availability, and expertise while staying a valued customer with their reseller.”

Click here if you’d like to know more about the Four Pees Customer Succes Program.

About Four Pees ─

Reimagine your print production. Four Pees turns your printing operations into a success by ensuring their smooth automation. The result? Your work becomes easier and your entire organisation functions optimally. We offer solutions to streamline print and packaging production from start to finish. Whether you need advice, a software product, or a seamlessly integrated solution that takes you from the drawing board to a tailored design, resulting in fully automated production.

Four Pees was founded in Ghent, Belgium in 2007. Today, more than ten years later, Four Pees offers solutions that streamline entire print and packaging production processes across the world, with sales in Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and France. Thanks to its network of more than 40 trusted partners and resellers around the world, Four Pees can offer the best possible service.

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