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New Alwan ColorHubX 4.0 rev2151 Experience New Technologies! 
What’s New?
Alwan ColorHubX 4.0 provides you great new Features like Cross-Platform support, the new Multicolor engine and the New Adobe PDF Library. These new improvements will enable you to increase Quality and Productivity of your business. 
More information and details about the news of Alwan ColorHubX 4.0 here!
.New Application – Mac OS X and Windows
Experience identical color management results on Mac OS X and Windows platforms
. New Alwan Multicolor Engine
– Better color accuracy
– More ink-savings
– Ready for Multichromy / HiFi
.Updated Adobe PDF Library
– Higher Quality with updated Adobe PDF Library (APDFL 10.1.0PlusP1y) which provides you better support of PDF, PDF/X1-a and PDF/X4
. Better Productivity
With the new option for queue priority, AlwanColorHubX 4.0 runs 30% faster than previous versions
How to upgrade ACHX 4.0: here!