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Spring Sales Reminder: Update your Alwan software now!

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Get your Alwan software updated
from any version for only
50% of the price!

2022 started with a blast for us: a new version of Alwan ColorHub, a new version of Alwan ToolBox and of course, our latest spectral profile update technology: HydraFix®.

To make sure our customers can all benefit from these innovations, we decided to make a spring discount for software updates, allowing any client with expired URTS / outdated software to access the current version for only half the price of the software (price based on the current August 2021 price list) with 3 months of URTS offered.

How does it work?

Let us take the example of ACH ECO:

Your client has an old version of CMYK Optimizer or ColorHub ECO with a URTS that expired in January 2018 or before.

To get ACH 8.0, this client would normally need to pay his missed years of URTS + the current year URTS, which would be :

4 x 2600€ (upgrades) + 2600€ (current year URTS) = 13 000€

With this new promotion, your client only pays half the price of ACH ECO to get the latest 8.0 version:

13 000€ (ACH ECO list price) – 50% discount = 6500€

Our special offer runs from the 1st of April to May 31st.

We will be happy to share with you the list of your clients that have old versions of Alwan software.

Please contact for this matter.

Need more arguments
to convince your customer?

Please click the link below to download our latest “Unique Features & Innovations” documents.

50 reasons to update ColorHub!

30 reasons to update your ToolBox!

50 reasons to update Printstandardizer!

Get access to HydraFix®
with Alwan ColorHub 8.0!

Update your software to the latest version of Alwan ColorHub 8.0 and get access to HydraFix®, our latest spectral profile update technology included in the Hydra Profiling® option!

Easy and fast, HydraFix® eliminates machine setup and idle time due to substrate change!

Learn more about HydraFix®

Please find below login and password for the software update area

Login: AlwanURTS2022
Password: =4N~7ca3F