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Why You Should Renew Your Alwan URTS Program!

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Alwan URTS

Why customers should renew their Alwan URTS program

Alwan Upgrade and Remote Technical Support (URTS) is the most effective way of keeping Alwan software up to date and having priority access to Alwan’s remote technical support services.


Alwan users with active URTS programs benefit from the latest features and improvements developed for their software.

Productivity features such as Multipage Document Parallel Processing in Alwan ColorHub or Preflight Mode in Alwan ColorHub’s Web Interface for example are activated by a valid URTS contract, resulting in improved performance and additional features at no extra cost.

URTS program also offers the optimum compatibility with industry standards and best practices, including Adobe PDF libraries, printing standards, operating systems and ICC color management.

Fig 1: Preflight Mode in Alwan ColorHub Web Interface
(Spot color reproduction capability of a multicolor device)

Remote Technical Support

At Alwan, we pride ourselves to be recognized to deliver fast and high quality support to our customers.

This is the result of having a highly qualified and reactive team working with experienced partners and demanding customers worldwide.

Alwan users with active URTS programs benefit from Alwan technical support team first-class support including remote assistance and intervention when necessary.

You want to find out more about URTS programs?

Please get in touch with your local Alwan dealer or send us an email at