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Alwan and Caldera Multicolor Proofing System

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Alwan-Caldera Multicolor Proofing System

What is Alwan-Caldera Multicolor Proofing System?

Multicolor printing – also known as HiFi and ECG (Extended Color Gamut) – has been developed to print spot colors on printing systems by using extended gamut process inks instead of spot inks (Pantone®).

The muticolor separation – usually CMYKOGV – generated by color management software such as Alwan ColorHub is able to simulate more than 85% of Pantone® swatchbook on a multicolor conventional press within a ∆E00 of 2.

In order to print a job, prepress departments and press minders need a hardproof that visually matches the printing process output.

Alwan-Caldera Multicolor Proofing System has been designed by Alwan for the purpose of producing ISO 12647-7:2016 compliant contract proofs.

What makes Alwan-Caldera Multicolor Proofing System unique is the easiness of use and maintenance.

A single Alwan Hydra® profiling chart is used throughout the whole process; that is, to profile both your proofer and your production press.

Therefore, every time that you have a new printing condition – such as a new paper, a new set of inks, etc. – Alwan’s Hydra® Profiling technology provides you with the easiest and fastest way to update your proofer or your press profile.

How does Alwan-Caldera Multicolor Proofing System work?

Alwan-Cadera Multicolor Proofing System requires 4 components:

  • Alwan ColorHub 6.6+
  • Caldera RIP 12+
  • Alwan PrintVerifier 6.1+
  • Any multicolor proofer supported by Caldera RIP 12+
    (Epson SureColor series recommended)

Alwan-Caldera Multicolor Proofing System manual will guide you step-by-step in the installation process:

  • Create a proofing setup in Caldera RIP;
  • Build a Hydra® profile for proofer and substrate using Alwan PrintVerifier and Alwan ColorHub; and
  • Color manage and assess conformance using FOGRA 7-color media wedge using Alwan ColorHub and Alwan PrintVerifier.

Figure 1
Hydra® Profiling chart for conventional and digital 7-color printing processes (875 patches)

What are the benefits of Alwan-Caldera Multicolor Proofing System?

  • Easy installation thanks to the supplied step by step guideline.
  • Manual or automated proof production thanks to Alwan ColorHub.
  • Easy profile updates thanks to Alwan Hydra® Profiling.
  • Vendor independent ICC and ISO savvy proofs, and conformance assessments.
  • Works for 4, 5, 6 and 7-color proofing.

You want to test the Alwan-Caldera Multicolor Proofing System?

Download the guideline here

You need more information about Alwan-Caldera Multicolor Proofing System or any assistance?

Send us an email at

For more information and an independent review of Alwan’s multicolor technologies (including Alwan ColorHub, Alwan ToolBox, HiFi Option and Hydra® Profiling), please download the Ryerson University Expanded Gamut Study 2019 here.