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Alwan Hydra® Profiling in Alwan ToolBox Webinar: Follow-Up

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On 23 April, Alwan hosted a webinar to talk about Hydra®, our innovative spectral profiling technology available in Alwan ColorHub, Alwan PrintStandardizer and now Alwan ToolBox.

You missed it or want to watch it again?

Find the presentation and recording below

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As a reminder, we talked about spectral profiling and more specifically about our patented innovative technology that is Hydra®.

We presented all the benefits introduced with Hydra® that you can now find in our easy-to-use software Alwan ToolBox.

Thanks to Hydra® in Alwan ToolBox, there are no more excuses not to characterize a printing process (digital, HiFi/Multicolour, non-CMYK, special substrates, etc.).

  • Physics vs Mathematics
    Spectral predictions vs mathematical interpolations
  • Hydra® Profiling
    Unique benefits
  • Alwan ToolBox