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Ready for two real-world approaches of variables in pdfToolbox?

Today, we will show you two approaches to use variables in pdfToolbox in a real-world context.

1. During the first approach, Doug Fetterman, Business Analyst at RR Donnelley (USA), will talk about what they do with pdfToolbox and show us how they integrate variables using a database-driven preflight profile.

2. The second approach will be demonstrated by Peter Kleinheider, CEO as well as CTO at Calibrate (Austria). He will show us how to use a master preflight profile driven with JSON files.

Use your (extra) time to gain more in-depth knowledge about pdfToolbox and join our cosy get-together!

Can you make it in time today?

🇺🇸 Los Angeles, United States: 07:00 AM
🇺🇸 New York, United States: 10:00 AM
🇬🇧 London, United Kingdom: 03:00 PM
🇧🇪 Brussels, Belgium: 04:00 PM
🇷🇺 Moscow, Russia: 05:00 PM
🇮🇩 Jakarta, Indonesia: 09:00 PM

Link to video call

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