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Alwan unveils its new OEM strategy

Alwan unveils its new OEM strategy and discloses first OEM partners at GraphExpo 2012

Caldera, Compose and Dubsat are first to embed Alwan technology in their systems to optimize colors, files and prints to industry standards.

Printing Standards adoption has gained momentum worldwide thanks ISO 12647 and G7®. Print Buyers and printers agree today that the files and the prints they deliver should comply with these industry standards.

File and Print conformance to standards is the mission and the technology Alwan has been delivering to the graphic industry since its foundation fourteen years ago. Now Alwan’s recognized vision and highly awarded technologies have received new and strong support from the three industry-innovating manufacturers, Caldera, Compose and Dubsat. All have embraced Alwan’s vision on standardized workflows, and have committed to embed Alwan technology in their systems, enabling their customers to produce standardized colors, files and prints with the industry reference technologies.

Elie Khoury, founder and president of Alwan Color expertise is thrilled: “Those who know Alwan know that Alwan is all about co-operation: human, technical and business co-operation. We are particularly happy today to see that our business approach and ethics are attracting attention of notorious companies such as Caldera, Compose and Dubsat. Their support has enabled us to improve our technologies even further, making them available to a larger number of users, and enabling our partners to improve their systems and offer their users standardized color, files and prints.”

Joseph Mergui, CEO Caldera is looking forward to move the digital printing industry towards printing standards: “When I met Elie Khoury for the first time in 2008, I knew that one day we would work together. His vision regarding conciliating printing standards and working practices using simple and automated tools made sense to our digital printing industry, but it was too early then. Today, Caldera users want to print to standards and match on their large format printer, customer colors that are printed on other processes, conventional or digital. This is the reason why we decided to join forces with Alwan. Today, we have two joint projects; the first is the very successful Caldera InkPerformer® which is the digital printing version of Alwan’s recognized and awarded Dynamic Ink Saving Technology. The second is Alwan’s G7® certified system DynamicPrinterCalibration® that we decided to offer with our next RIP version, and which has been also optimized by our joint teams for large and grand format printer’s inks, gamuts and substrates.”

Tom Sit, CEO Compose System adds: “Compose is an Alwan distributor and an OEM partner for Global Graphics Harlequin RIP for years. We have hundreds of satisfied users printing with Alwan and Harlequin technologies worldwide. However these two complementary solutions were separate and available on different platforms. Now, thanks to Alwan, Compose and Global Graphics joint efforts, we have succeeded to integrate Alwan award winning DeviceLink Profile technology in the Harlequin RIP, enabling thousands of additional users to benefit from Alwan’s industry reference color management and standardization technology within their Harlequin RIP. This is great news for our market, and great news for us.”

Olivier de Pina, Adsend Global Product Manager is excited about the services the relationship with Alwan will bring to Adsend’s AdGate users in particular: “With the global adoption of printing standards, we wanted to offer our ad agency users the ability not just to manage their colors, but to produce standardized colors and files that will print without any problems on any printing process worldwide. After investigating the available technologies and holding discussions with many prepress and printing companies worldwide, it was highly apparent to us that Alwan technology is the standout choice for us and for our customers thanks to its recognized performance and wide adoption. Alwan will be an excellent addition to our existing partners, as this new co-operation will allow Dubsat to provide PDF standardization services to our users worldwide, with the guarantee that their colors can match regardless of the printer and the printing technology.”

Caldera, Compose and Dubsat’s new software and services embedding Alwan technologies will be available to their customers Q4 2012.

About Alwan Color Expertise

Alwan Color Expertise was founded in Lyon-France in 1997 by the current President Elie Khoury. His vision — to demonstrate how important standardizing and controlling color is throughout every stage of production — has resulted in the company becoming a world leader in standardization and color management. Today, Alwan Color Expertise offers a choice of full-featured Color Management and Standardization software solutions to key players throughout the graphic arts industry, from printers to publishers and from software developers to hardware manufacturers. The unique benefit of Alwan technologies is that they enable conventional processes such as offset, flexography and gravure, and digital machines such as digital printers and large format presses to produce consistent and predictable colors.