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Alwan Print Standardizer X 4.6

The industry’s most powerful process control system is
available now for all printing processes and devices

LYON, France – January 15, 2012 – Alwan today updates its PRINT Standardizer process control software with extended handheld instruments support, extended press-embedded instruments support, X-Rite XRGA® support, Substrate Corrected Colorimetric Aims (SCCA) support, and G7® conformance for Flexo and Screen printing. The new PRINT Standardizer software is available in 3 editions, START for easy and budget process control, GO for an entire sheetfed, digital or hybrid pressroom process control, and LIVE for an entire web printing plant process control. All editions include Alwan’s G7® certified DynamicPressCalibration technology enabling users to print to G7® and ISO 12647every job, every day.

“With Handheld, press-side and press-embedded spectral cameras support, Print Standardizer maintains its leadership of the printing process control tools category.  Supported ISO 12647-2/3 as well as G7® calibration and assessment for offset, digital, Flexo and screen printing confirm that PRINT Standardizer remains the most powerful process control system available today” said Elie Khoury Alwan’s President.

Every PRINT Standardizer edition includes Alwan’s G7® certified calibration and assessment technology, as well as the support of the latest standards in the graphic industry.

“Substrate Corrected Colorimetric Aims (SCCA) is needed for G7® workflows in order to achieve data set conformance. RIT’s PSA (Printing Standards Audit) Certification requires SCCA support; Alwan PRINT Standardizer enables this support and takes it to the next level by automating it during process control and print assessment stages. On the other hand, X-Rite’s XRGA® standard which greatly improves inter-instrument agreement between legacy X-Rite and Gretag-MacBeth instruments and the new X-Rite instruments is also supported by Print Standardizer. We believe that this version of Alwan of PRINT Standardizer with its improved simplicity, technical sophistication and automation truly raises the bar of this category of tools.”

Designed for handheld instruments such as X-Rite EyeOne® and Techkon SpectroDens®, PRINT Standardizer START includes a wizard that allows users to setup the process control parameters of their press in 3 mouse clicks. Print Standardizer GO edition connects to handheld as well as press-side instruments such as X-Rite IntelliTrax and Techkon SpectroDrive and allows process control of any pressroom with any number of presses and printers.

Print Standardizer LIVE edition is the new state-of-the-art of process control in the printing industry as it controls and stabilizes the tone and color output of web presses equipped with QuadTech® or GMI® spectral cameras as well.

“In 2012, Grafiche Mercurio a famous commercial printer based in Angri, near Salerno, Italy, wanted offset web production to match sheetfed offset quality. Web presses were equipped with QuadTech Spectral Cameras, Sheetfed presses were equipped with X-Rite IntelliTrax, and the two pressrooms had their own process control procedures and practices. Shortly after installing Print Standardizer in the sheetfed pressroom, Grafiche Mercurio applied for and received Fogra PSO certification. Next, Grafiche Mercurio installed PRINT Standardizer on the web presses, shortly after; they applied and received Fogra PSO certification for web printing as well. Now Grafiche Mercurio has one central system and one set of procedures to control, calibrate, monitor and assess print production of all printing presses, for every job, every day.

At Alwan we are very excited that PRINT Standardizer can now help printers of all size conform to G7®PC and PSA Requirements as well!” Khoury concludes.


The new PRINT Standardizer editions are now shipping and will be available through Alwan distribution channel

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