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New Alwan ColorHubX 4.0 rev2151

New Alwan ColorHubX 4.0 rev2151 Experience New Technologies!  What’s New? Alwan ColorHubX 4.0 provides you great new Features like Cross-Platform support, the new Multicolor engine and the New Adobe PDF Library. These new improvements will enable you to… Continue reading

Alwan’s Positive Cash Flow Payment Plan

What is Alwan's Positive Cash Flow Payment Plan (PCFPP)?PCFPP is a payment plan that allows Alwan customers to pay Alwan software gradually, ensuring that the savings generated by Alwan software exceed the required monthly payments.  These savings are achieved… Continue reading

Alwan PRINT Verifier X 2.6.3 rev1514

ISO 12647 and G7® Proof and Print Assessment • G7® assessment for all printing processes: Offset, Flexo and Screen Printing • Make your assessment according to "G7® Master Printer Qualification" with the new feature available from assessment tab • Make… Continue reading

Alwan Print Standardizer X 4.6

The industry's most powerful process control system is available now for all printing processes and devices LYON, France - January 15, 2012 - Alwan today updates its PRINT Standardizer process control software with extended handheld instruments support, extended press-embedded instruments… Continue reading

Alwan unveils its new OEM strategy

Alwan unveils its new OEM strategy and discloses first OEM partners at GraphExpo 2012 Caldera, Compose and Dubsat are first to embed Alwan technology in their systems to optimize colors, files and prints to industry standards. Printing Standards adoption has… Continue reading